Big W Catalogue Book Week Deals 1 – 14 Aug 2019

Prepare your books for the book week and buy your favourite costumes at Big W Stores. Hat costume, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Roald Dahl Matilda, Peter Rabbit, and more costumes are available in the costume range. Book Week will be 17 – 23 Aug 2019. Reading is my secret power will be the theme of this year. Find books and CD, giant activity pads, sticker books, and more as new products on this catalogue. Kids love Disney movies and I love them, too. Beauty and the Beast costume, Frozen, Aladdin, and more will be in your catalogue. Don’t forget to see gifts. My favourite part of such catalogues is the superhero costumes since I am such a fan of Marvel and DC movies. Therefore, it’s one of the best things to wear Iron Man costumes among all these.

Check out these costumes and books from the Big W Catalogue book week deals:

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