Big W Catalogue Captain Marvel Activity Pad

Entertaining products for the free times of kids and the whole family can be found on the latest Big W Catalogue which offers Marvel’s popular character figures, comic related products, accessories, and the items which would be interesting to the geeks. I am a kind of a geek myself, too. I am already interested in such products and whenever I see a good deal from a familiar catalogue, I have an urge to share it. Here we can see Captain Marvel activity pad, Captain Marvel beginnings, books and more on pg 20 of the latest Big W Catalogue. In terms of entertainment and interactive fun, you can see games and holiday activity books as well. Light up pixel pals, PS4 Kingdom Hearts 3, and more games.

Disney DVD movies, Wonder Woman, Justice League and more are also entertaining goods that are perfect fun for holidays. Don’t miss out these on pg 20-21. Follow our Facebook page and see more deals from the future catalogues. Instant notifications will be on your feed whenever a new post is published or this category is updated.

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