Big W Catalogue Christmas Candies 23 – 29 November 2017

Big W Catalogue Christmas Candies 23 - 29 November 2017Big W dropped the price of Advent Calendars by 40% today! Save $1.20 on your purchases. Cadbury chocolates, Trolli and Mars stocking variety /250g. are going to be in this catalogue. Among all these, my favourite is, of course, Ferrero Rocher. I love the inner side of this chocolate. It has a kind of nut crispy feeling and it melts in your mouth. The best one of Christmas chocolates in my opinion.

Gift boxes from various brands are also in the content. The Catalogue has the Christmas trees with 20% dropped prices. Extended tree range of Big W will be at much lower prices than regular.

For more deals of Big W, subscribe the category page. Get these deals on your feed page or leave your email address. Breville will be 20% cheaper than regular. Also Christmas bakery is going to be in the content.

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