Big W Catalogue Dinner Specials 14 – 20 Jan 2016

MAKE YOUR DINNER GLORIOUS Big W Catalogue Dinner Specials 14 - 20 Jan 2016

Bring the color of the ocean to your dinners. This amazing dinner set is designed for entertaining summer dinners. You buy one by one or you can make amazing combinations from these products. Choose from tumblers, platters, bowls, bamboo trays, salad bowls, wine glasses, wire baskets, forks, spoons or knives, side plates, mugs and dinner plates. This set is a comlete and unique set. Enjoy your meal with these products. You can also have outdoor fun in the sun with our products and you can enjoy your meal outdoor. 6 pieces outdoor settings and Hinterland Gazebos are on sale at Big W. So you can enjoy your time even in the sun. Smash Melamine Dinner Plate, Side Plates and Cereal Bowls are designed specially. We assure that you will love these colourful products. Everybody needs to drink cold beverages in summer. You can serve the drinks to your guests with Smash Acrylic Jug and Acrylic Large Tumblers. These products are made from the best quality material. Really light and durable. Besides this colourful set, Smash has amazing acrylic wine glasses. You will enjoy drinking wine in these glasses. You can make delicious salads and serve them in melamine salad bowls with the wine.  Nonstop summer fun with Big W.

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