Big W Catalogue Easter Sale 11 – 24 Apr 2019 | Candies and Treats

Prepare a setup for your celebration party on Easter. Gift boxes, Easter eggs, Kinder mini mix, and many more products are in the Easter candy-treat range of Big W Catalogue on the first part of the sale. Save $1.50 on Cadbury or Mars Easter gift boxes. Tall Easter bunnies are available in this category. Buy Cadbury dairy milk Easter bunny for only $5. It’s a 26cm and 250g chocolate bunny. You can personalise Cadbury 28-pack Mega Easter egg tube. Give your name to it. Easter egg tube is an exclusive Cadbury product of Big W.
Find a wider range of Easter treats and candy packs on pg 2-3. Lindt, Red Tulip or Cadbury Chocolate Easter bunnies will cost only $4.50! You can find cute baskets and buckets for these candies. Kinder Easter Maxi mix with a plush toy is gonna cost only $15.
Big W Catalogue covers premium Easter egg crates that will save your $5! Block chocolates, big Easter chocolate eggs, colourful variety of Easter treats are a way to celebrate traditionally. Don’t miss out the future Big W Catalogue deals. Follow our Facebook page to get them all. Subscribe to get emails.

Some nice products from the latest Big W Catalogue:

$5 each Easter treats:

More Easter sale:

See many more than these on the catalogue. Big W Catalogue offers a lower price range for all of these items. Follow the Facebook page or subscribe to get emails.

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