Big W Catalogue Entertainment 7 – 20 Sep 2017

Big W Catalogue Entertainment 7 - 20 Sep 2017It’s meaningless to have large files of movies unless you have the proper monitor to visualise. Have a Full HD LED TV of JVC for only $459 at Big W and watch your TV series or movies keeping $140 in your pocket undamaged. You can use afterpay method to get these products at Big W. The latest catalogue has recently released DVD selection on pg 8. The Mummy is on DVD now and you can buy it for only $19! Buy Blu-Ray or 4K UHD versions to get the maximum quality. Pirates of Carribean Dead Men Tell No Tales will be on Blu-Ray and DVD on 13 September. Disney Movies will be only $20 for 2. Also, see Supernatural and other TV shows.

Go to pg 13 for gaming consoles and video games of recent releases. Destiny 2, NBA 2K18, Xbox One bundle price. Get a brand new PS4 1TB at Big W Catalogue. There is a real difference in the prices. I think a list of these products could be demonstrating what is going on.

Search food fiction books, table games and more on pg 10-11. Follow Big W Catalogue and others with the social media pages. Don’t forget to see hot deals.

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