Big W Catalogue Game Sale July 2018 | Toy Mania Sale

Electronics like tablet PCs, digital cameras, Fitbit wearable technology and accessories are available on the latest Big W Catalogue. This is the toy mania sale and it got a lot of deals on game consoles and games. You can see all about Big W Catalogue Game sale and electronics here.
You can find Samsung Galaxy Tab A, Huawei Y7 and more electronics will be in the category of entertainment and electronics. Visit pg 100-101 for Canon 3000D and lens kit. Apple’s iPad and iPhone savings are also available. Get a brand new iPad 6th Gen. for only $449 saving $10! The catalogue is a good place to find indoor entertainment as well. TVs, surrounding systems of Laser and JVC and headphones are on sale currently at Big W stores. Visit pg 103-104 for the sound systems and other indoor cinema products.

Apple Products:

TVs and Sound products

A new product sale is available at Big W. Go to pg 104 for Laser speaker system which is only $399 and LOL surprise! headphones for kids that will cost $19. Lol Surprise Microphone with stand is only $19!

Big W DVDs and Game Sale

You can find kid movies on pg 105. Jurrasic Park films in DVD can be purchased for only $13 at Big W. Find 20% off kids DVDs from DreamWorks, nickelodeon, Barbie and LEGO. Also, DVDs like Happy Feet, Mister Moker’s, LEGO movies are on sale.
Go to pg 106 for Blu-Ray and more DVD movies. Indredibles, Toy Story, Marvel films are available on that page.

The recent release video games like Crew 2 and The Incredibles for PS4 and Xbox One will cost $79 and $69 respectively. Get Origin gift card of $25 and $40 with 10% discount at Big W. Visit pg 108 for Minecraft, Fifa 18, NBA 2K18, UFC, W2k18, NFS Payback, Sims4, LEGO Games, and LEGO Dimensions. Moreover, these are the games you can find on pg 109:

And even more games for PS4 and Xbox One are on sale. The game fun doesn’t end with these. Nintendo 2DS XL and Nintendo Switch consoles with bundle buys can be seen on pg 110-111. You can buy Nintendo Switch for $399 and Nintendo 2DS XL bundle for $169. The bundle contains Super Mario 3D, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time or Kirby Triple Deluxe. You can choose one of three games. And more games for Nintendo consoles. Elder Scrolls V Skyrim for Nintendo Switch is only $62. The most popular Nintendo Game Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild will be $72.

Xbox One S 1TB + Minecraft Download Token + Minecraft Explorers Pack DLC + Minecraft Story Mode: Complete Adventure Download Token + Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind + 3 Months XBox Live Trial

IS only $299. Find Xbox One Controllers and gift cards on the final page. More games are available for Xbox One S. Don’t forget to see this catalogue and its awesome game sale. Also, see the Big W Holiday Toy sale Catalogue which was published today.


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