Big W Catalogue Halloween Fun 11 – 24 Oct 2018 | Game Sale

Get one Sodastream spirit drink maker to see Aquaman. Win between 1-31 October 2018. The product is a $10 saving and it’s an environment-friendly production. Halloween sale at Big W Catalogue is shown on pg 24-25. Kids Costumes, masks, Adult costumes, and candy packs are on sale. Cadbury Large sharepacks will cost only $5. The same price is valid for Mars large sharepacks. Treat buckets is only $1. Buy Spider Webs and makeup pots at Big W. Whittakers blocks are only $3. The game sale is another fun from Big W Catalogue. A new game is available for both consoles. Call of Duty Black Ops 4 was one of the most anticipated games in 2018. You can now get it with a bundle of the game only. Pay $64 which is a cheaper game price than regular. If you buy it 3 days early. Another new product in the game category is Turtle Beach headphones. See them on pg 26.

Haloween candies: