Big W Catalogue Home Products Christmas Sale Nov 2019

Big W Catalogue Home Products Christmas Sale Nov 2019

Considering entropy rules, fans don’t really cool your air but they rather cool us via evaporation of water. That’s right. Evaporation of water means giving out energy, which means, cooler air for humans. Fans never really cool off your room. It only cools down your body. Well, where is that water exactly? It’s on our body of course. Fans literally evaporate our sweat. You must have already experienced feeling cold after you take a shower. That feeling is even stronger than when you are dry sitting in your living room. After you take a shower and wet all of your body, then it’s much colder. The same logic works with the fans. When it’s hot enough to make us sweat, we are wet, and then fans evaporate our liquid sweat, cooling it. So we feel cool, too. Air conditioners are certainly better, but they are much more expensive and most not portable. But sometimes, in our rooms, we may need the air flowing. So, fans can come in handy in most cases. Even my flat was full of air conditioners, I would buy a small fan just in case. Big W Catalogue home products Christmas sale has some deals on fans on pg 16. You might be interested in these products.

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