Big W Catalogue iPhone 6s Deal 23 May – 5 Jun 2019

Choose a great wearable technology for yourself or anyone from the Apple sale of the latest Big W Catalogue. Not only the electronics of Apple but Gecko cases and guards are on sale. Save 30% on phone cases. One of the highlighted products from the Apple range is iPhone 6s! This is an old phone but still remains as one of the iPhone’s biggest ones. As long as you have a new battery in this phone, you will never struggle using modern apps. I have been using 6s for 3 years now. The device works just fine for most apps. I have the 16GB but if I had the 64GB or higher one, I think that would suffice for another 3 years. Still, I don’t think of replacing it with another phone. Best of all, it’s one of the safest phones.
Big W Catalogue also offers Android phones and Navman products. Navman Move 75GPS is gonna cost 25% cheaper this week. Buy Optus wi-fi modem, Vodafone Smart E9, and more phones on pg 8-9. Starter packs of mobile services are also available there. See all products of the electronic category of the catalogue.

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