Big W Catalogue iPhone Prices September 2017

Big W Catalogue iPhone Prices September 2017iPhone prices might seem intimidating at first sight, however, they are actually cheaper smart phones that any other product in the whole world’s market. That’s because iPhone lasts a lot longer than other phones. Just a few brands can compete with the durability of these Apple electronics. iPhone 5S is still available in most electronic stores all around the world. That product was released at least few years ago, yet, it can be found as brand new. iPhone 6 and 6S are worh using. Not to mention iPhone 7th Gen. They are currently the latest of the product. So you pay for an Android phone much, but it gets slower by 1-2 years. This problem is rarely seen with the iPhones. Regarding this, Apple’s smart phones are the best considering price/performance. They have pros and cons. Android is more like open source and Apple is like a locked box. In most countries, when your iPhone is not operating properly you give your phone to an Apple store within the warranty conditions, and they’ll give you a brand new one. Without bothering to repair it. That’s because iPhones are not meant to be disassembled. Big W has new electronic sale on pg 12:

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