Big W Catalogue Kitchen 14 – 27 May 2020

Big W Catalogue Kitchen 14 - 27 May 2020To see some of the good deals this week, browse Big W Catalogue Kitchen 14 – 27 May. Enhance your cooking experience with sophisticated technology and make your kitchen look really modern with these designs. Big W Catalogue is one of the online sources to find great deals on such kitchen devices. One of them is Sunbeam crock pot express crock. It’s a new product at Big W. You can read a review of that product on They point out three important aspects. The pro thing about the product is that it’s affordable. You can make a lot of things with this device. Stew, soup, rice, and steamed vegetables are just a few of them. People build groups everywhere that share recipes for such cooking devices. They also state that it’s very easy to clean. Also, it has a sauté station. One of the negative things is about the meat cooking. It appears Instant Pot is better when it comes to searing your meat. That’s really important because most people like to taste that caramelized carbs on juicy meat. So, I guess it’s not exactly great for meat. You can buy it for $129.

More products like milk frother, microwave oven, and kitchenware are available on Big W Catalogue kitchen 14 – 27 May. Half-price deals on cookware products like Tefal fry-pans, bowls, etc. Visit pg 7-8 for more products.

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