Big W Catalogue Mobile Electronics Sale

Let’s meet a new sale by Big W Catalogue regarding the popular range of mobile electronics category which includes the latest technology of tablets, smartphones and mainly what you use during a regular day. Big W Catalogue Mobile Electronics sale will be valid until 6 June 2018. Therefore, there should be a good promotion of the important deals and popular electronics picked from the digital catalogue.

First of all, the catalogue is a helpful source for browsing actual prices of indoor and outdoor use electronics. For example, Google Home mini which is a device for smart homes. If you want to alter or monitor something in your house this is a useful gadget to do it. Some people monitor energy consumption via some software. Alternatively, you can utilize it changing some codes as well. Not all folks would be interested in such manners, however, it’s a small useful product that is worth a look.

Big W Catalogue which contains electronics like navigations, drones and Apple products have some important ones of all on pg 2-3. Visit pg 3 for Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 8. Other Apple devices and a new one will be on pg 3.

Smartphones of leading brands including Samsung are available on pg 4&5.

Samsung products and details of availability:

If you are looking for a decent camera, discounts on standard memory cards like Toshiba micro SD, or sound products, visit pg 6&7. The Catalogue also offers TV and cinema systems. Blu-Ray players, Smart 4K TVs will be on pg 8-9. Choose a nice movie from DVD range. Black Panther 4K UHD will be available on May 30. The catalogue prices are valid until 6 June. Star Wars, Disney Pixar, Marvel films are all attractions on pg 10-11. Moreover, 25% off TV Series on DVD including Game Of Thrones, Blue Planet II, The Handmaid’s Tale and more titles. You can also find game consoles with the latest release games. Bundle offers of PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and 2DSXL are on pg 14-15. Dark Souls remastered version for PS4 and Xbox One will cost only $49.

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