Big W Catalogue Toy-Mania Action Toys 20 Jun – 10 Jul 2019

Avengers Endgame was a fantastic movie speaking in terms of superhero movies. I liked the plot, dialogues, action scenes, however, I might be sentimental when I talk about the film because I had already watched all the movies of Marvel before going to the theatre for the Endgame. There have been almost 2 months since the movie came out and I think it’s not giving something away talking about the movie now. Russo brothers worked on and manipulated time frame successfully and I think the script outsmarts us from time to time. It’s also touchy emotionally in an epic way. I am looking forward to the Blu-Ray version of Avengers but it’ll be out on July 30th. However, Big W Catalogue Toy Sale covers our favourite Avengers in the action toy figure part. Visit pg 3 for the Cap’s, Tony’s, Spidey’s, and Thor’s figures. The strongest Avenger, Hulk, has its special toy; Avengers Power punch Hulk! Marvel Avengers Assembler Gear Captain America is my favourite toy from this category. Save $14 on that product at Big W.

Big W Avengers, Toy Story, Bakugan, Fortnite, Jurrasic World, and More Toys

Toy Story 4 Characters

Now, it’s over but a new movie that will boost the hype for toys is about to come out. Toy Story 4 toys are available in toy mania catalogue. Most of them are apparently new products. See the promotional prices of Toy Story 4 jumbo buzz plush, deluxe buzz costume, vehicle pack, and more items will be in stocks. Remember that there are two more Big W Catalogue toy sales that are meant to be lay-by order sales for Christmas. In one of these, you can see bulky toys like playsets, swingsets, etc. This week, they are available for the lay-by rainchecks. Some of them are only for lay-by.

See some of these on the catalogue:

Beyblade, How To Train Your Dragon

Another popular movie amongst the toy category is How to Train Your Dragon. Visit pg 6 of the catalogue to see the fire breathing toothless, deluxe plush, and more. Bakugan toys are something to be crazy about. Some kids are particularly fond of these and there are some deals regarding popular items from the Bakugan toys. Check out the Big W toy mania catalogue for Bakugan trading card game deluxe collection pack.

Jurassic World, Star Wars, Hot Wheels

Find Jurassic World, TMNT, Star Wars toys on pg 8-9. You can make a video with aftereffects software and electronic lightsaber. Extendable light saber will cost half. Decorate your working desk with the Jurassic World dinosaurs. Super colossal t-rex will cost $69. If you are into video games, a very popular video game, Fortnite, has some toys, too. Victory figures, solo figure, and some toys of that game are available on pg 10. Speaking of action toys, we can’t skip the Hot Wheels car packs. That’s the real toy I would enjoy. Buy 1:43 scale battery operated slot car set for only $49! Hot Wheels packs are on sale on pg 12-13. In fact, the complete list of products on these two pages is the Hot Wheels.

Nerf, Laser X, And More

Blasters and Laser X shooter games are open games for a lot of possibilities. Some people can make videos and even films of action scenes with Nerf and Laser X. Now, Fortnite has Nerf blaster toys on pg 19. Browse dozens of board games on pg 20-21. Monopoly Mario Kart gamer is at half price. Buy Uno cards, Scrabble, Pie Face, and a variety of board games on pg 20-21.

For more Big W Catalogue toy sale items, please see the browsable pages. Check out the details of all items, categories, and go shopping for toys. You can also shop internationally on for the Hot Wheels and many more toys.

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