Big W Catalogue Toys Holiday 6 – 19 Apr 2017

Give kids what they need with the best toys they love this holiday. Vtech educational toys, Paw Patrol, LEGO packs, Shopkins collectible figures, board games, bikes, are available in the kids entertainment products of Big W Catalogue preview. Big W Catalogue Toys Holiday 6 - 19 Apr 2017Don’t miss out the savings that are viewable on pg 2-3. You can get a Vtech baby walker for only $48 which will save your $11 ! Half price of Paw Patrol ryders pup pad can be seen on pg 3. You can also save $30 on Paw Patrol zoomer Marshall that is priced at $98 ! Baff Glitter gelli Baff is a new item from toy shelf.

LEGO Friends with different size and packs can be seen on pg 4. The biggest pack is $69 and the smallest is $12. Heartlake summer pool is only $49 (save $19).

Cool toys of LEGO and board games are viewable on pg 7. Monopoly Token Maddness is $29 (save $10) at Big W. Single Bubble Balls’ is another good deal of toys on pg 7. Board games help your child socialize while enjoying a good story and gameplay. Turn based games are so popular. They develop strategical thinking ability and teach patient. Bikes and scooters can be found on pg 8 for new currently valid prices.

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