Big W Catalogue TVs 13 – 26 Sep 2018 | JVC, Polaroid and more

This is a really good catalogue for seeking a good price on latest technology HD TVs. Sound systems, headphones and more products are on sale. A single page is devoted to showing the prices of the new Big W Catalogue. Currently, there are 4 valid catalogues from this retailer. Discounts on 4 different TVs can be seen on pg 21. Let’s have a look at them.

Viano 65″ Smart 4K TV is quite a big one. 4K is a huge advantage since most of the new Blu-Ray movies are perfect to watch in 4K resolution. Besides, the discount is is really big. Save $300 on this TV. It runs on Android 6.0 system. You can plug your PS4 and a laptop via HDMI slots at the same time. It has 3 of them. 2xUSB inputs and more features.

A smaller TV is nearly half the size of the previous one. DGTEC 32″ HD TV has PVR recording and DVD player. The built-in DVD player is a great feature. I am not sure if this is full HD but the price is really good. If you had already bought a game console and don’t wanna spend huge on a TV or a monitor, then this can be a good alternative for you. But wait! There are more.

24″ Polaroid Full HD TV is even better in my opinion. The price is not much lower but it’s full HD. It has HDMI input. Also, you can play media via USB port. Not quite a big screen but I think it’s sufficient to play games and watch movies if you have it on a desk or a small room. The smallest one is the Polaroid 18.5″ HD LED TV and it’s also the cheapest one. Pay only $149 to get this TV. It also has a built-in DVD player.

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Laser Party Speaker $189 pg 21
Laser Mini party speaker $19
JVC Bluetooth speakers $59 – save $20
JVC home theatre $99
Laser CD boom box $28
Sony headphones 25% off

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