Big W Christmas Decoration Catalogue Nov 10 – 16 Nov 2016

Christmas decoration offers with pretty looking design and colourful patterns are exactly what you have been looking for in Christmas holiday. Big W Christmas Decoration Catalogue Nov 10 - 16 Nov 20161 day is left to go with these awesome products. Don’t miss out the prices and rare products by Big W ! And you can lay by now to pick up in Christmas Eve. A lot of ideas can be derived from the classic understanding of decoration for Christmas. You can try twinkle lights for your hallway or you may try to embellish your living room with a lighted chandelier. That would be a classy look in Christmas. For decorating your wall try some accessories that are available in this catalogue, too. Check out some of them on cover and pg 2;

Set of 3 Christmas tins – online only product.
Christmas serving plate $4

Candles are really good alternatives to electrical lighting. They look exotic, pretty and relaxing. In Christmas holiday I believe some candle light would be a good decoration.

Tealights 12 pk tealights 12 pk $6
Christmas taper candles 6-pk $8
Christmas Candle 15 cm $8
Design House Christmas terrace house tealight holder $8

The products below are actually for Christmas trees but you can also decorate your walls or frames with Christmas stars. They are available on pg 2, some storage products on pg 2-3 are featured. In the list some good deals can be read.

Fourwalls cheese knife set $8
Christmas Star serving plate silver $4
Design house Santa bowl with lid $15
Design House Christmas Santa serving plate $15
Design House Reindeer bowl $15
Christmas Bon Bons 6-pk $22

If this is not enough you can also replace your serving ware, treat sets and plates with those on the pg 3. Let the kids have fun with these special products. All of them are Christmas themed.

Christmas snow globe tumbler 621mL $10
Kids’ shake tumblers $4
Kids Character tumbler $2

Kids cutlery set $6
Kids melamine plates $2
Assorted cookie cutters $1

6-pk cookie cutters $5
Santa Treat set $12
9-pk cookie cutters $5

Table cloths, Christmas mugs, Christmas containers have also been featured within this range.

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