Big W Christmas Offers Catalogue 26 – 6 Jan 2016

BIG W CHRISTMAS ESSENTIALS Big W Christmas Offers Catalogue 26 - 6 Jan 2015

Lets improve your life standards with Big W home essentials. New years eves up, change your decorative objects at home. I suggest you Big W’ Turkish style bath towels. They are reflecting old Ottoman Empire’s traditional bath towels. These products have a story of huge succeed of Empire. It could be good to try something other culture objects in home. As Pablo Picasso. When he was drawing in his studio he always using African masks or asian cultural objects for inspire. Like this acts he tried to keep him brain fresh. Also you can try to do same thing. Or you can buy Egyptian cotton bath towels. They do not have any culture seen. They are just comfortable, softy and assorting in seven colors. With good price you can choose this towel too. 30% OFF selected bathroom accessories. As write in catalogue, colors my vary by store. Hurry up to find your favorite color in towel varieties.

Summer is came, lets celebrate in seaside or pool. Big W has essential thing for seaside and pool for adults and kids. Beach towel varieties very vivid and effective. Do not waste your time with try to select true towel in other companies. Lets deal with these towels by BIG W !

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