Big W Entertainment Sale 30 Apr – 13 May 2020

Big W Entertainment Sale 30 Apr - 13 May 2020New prices of Big W Entertainment Sale 30 Apr – 13 May for consoles and games. Use the latest catalogue to access the information on prices of TVs, game consoles, video games, and popular titles. Today, there are three pages promoting the deals on products like Nintendo Switch, Nintendo games, a new PlayStation game; Predator, and some of the best games of the year so far. You can buy special editions, too. For example, PS4 slim with two games; God of War and Horizon: Zero Dawn will cost $399 as a bundle. It has a 500GB memory. Not the best PS but you will be able to play all the games of Sony. A new game has recently been released. Predator: Hunting Grounds. I think it’s based on the original movie. This game also playable online. The interesting thing is that it promises online gameplay where you can be one of the team members of a 4-person squad. Before the Predator finds you, you need to complete the objectives. Also, you can play as the Predator, too. I would like to experience that. Browse Big W Catalogue for all of these items.

Buy a TV to play these games. A 4K TV would be nice for a Playstation. I never experienced input lag when I connect my Playstation 4 to my 4K TV. It’s perfectly immersive gameplay. Big W entertainment sale 30 Apr – 13 May offers TVs, portable DVD players, headsets, and sound systems on pg 24.

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