Big W Gift Ideas Catalogue 17 – 24 Dec 2015

BIG W GIFT IDEAS Big W Gift Ideas Catalogue 17 - 24 Dec 2015

After Christmas and New year, if you are planning to do some sports, tracking your activities and sleep would give an advantage to you. There are smartphones whic has same tracking apps or sleeping tracking apps, it is not enough to track it yet. In Big W, there is a perfect band which will be the new and trustful friend of sporty people! It is also in a great price because of Christmas and New Years sale! It would be a perfect time to buy a new wrist band for tracking your activities and sleep, which also looks really cool on your wrist!

If you are that sporty one who loves to jog or walk, or cycle, there is perfect offer for you, which is just available in Big W stores! Fit Bit Charge Wireless Activity + Sleep Wrist Band is waiting for you in Big W with a perfect price. It is one of the best sports and sleep stats tracker that you can have it in your arm. It looks really cool and people will notice that you are into sports, and this can be such kind of good way to socialize with people. With its sleeping tracker, you can track how much you sleep in average and what can you do more for better and quality sleeps. You can buy as a Christmas gift from Big W to your loved ones, it would be perfect gift for them also!

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