Big W Good Snack Catalogue 15 – 20 Jan 2016

GOOD SNACKS AT BIG W Big W Good Snack Catalogue 15 - 20 Jan 2016

Snacks are our energy source ! In this week you can find perfect snacks in this catalogue. As you know Cadbury is pure chocolate and delight company. Their products taste just amazing. Cadbury blocks available in five – milk chocolate , fruit and nut, snacks, bubbly and dirk night – different flavor. And their price is just $1.95. Just one price, same for all of them. If you are bored, or really bored to doing your work at office place you can get energy which you really need. Let your hormones release happiness with Cadbury dairy milk varieties. Cadbury Coco- is full of chocolate. High intense of chocolate. You can feel %70 chocolate and %30 happiness in your mount. Just try one of them while it less price than other retailers.

If you are on diet and you want some delight you can try Fry’s Turkish Delight ! With %60 less fat you can save your diet. This small happiness just 0.97c. Also other medium bars from Cadbury same price as Turkish Delight. You will save your money than you will pay. Do not forget 50% OFF cadbury medium bars, blocks TNCC or Pascall medium bags. You should not miss this opportunities by Big W !


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