Big W Home Decorating Catalogue 9 – 17 Feb 2016

GREAT HOME DECORATION BY BIG W Big W Home Decorating Catalogue 9 - 17 Feb 2016

Find your special designed products at Big W. With greatest discounts, now you can find your stylish home decoration objects for good price. New Metro life concepts look minimalist and modern. In this catalogue you can choose which one you like and buy it. Specially designed Winter luxe 30 cm brass clocks from $15. Its perfect way to check time. Hang it your room it will change whole ambiance. High quality printed wolf or rabbit cushions from $19. Little touches for big changes by Big W. You can hang a board for your unforgettable memories or important events. Hang something on it what makes you happy. When you will look it you will fine better.

For couches you can find Jersey quilted throw assorted two colors from $29. Winter Luxe series looks perfect it will fit to your room perfectly. Grey Jersey stool, regular stool is perfect way to sit. Also if you will need table you can find greatest table here with hexagon design and wood material this product really cool. Lantern tea light holder on sale from $15. Change your home ambiance into modern and luxury style. Do not miss this opportunities by Big W.

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