Big W Home Sale 9 – 22 Apr 2020 Catalogue Prices

Big W Home Sale 9 - 22 Apr 2020A good night’s sleep is more important than ever now. A well-rested body is strong enough to fight against viruses and sickness. To improve your sleep, you can do a list of things beginning with your pillow. Tontine is a popular brand of the pillow and now you can buy Tontine pillows 40% off at Big W stores until 22 April. Mattress, mattress topper, and more products along with the pillow sale are available on pg 19. View all the new deals and new price range.

Don’t forget to buy new things for your bathroom. Towels begin to wear out by time and the soft touch of your towel will disappear when you use them for a long time. You can solve that problem by owning several towels and using a different one each time. Buy at once while there are nice deals. Big W offers 30% off towels on pg 20.

Big W Kitchen sale is in this catalogue. Kitchen appliances of brands like Russell Hobbs, Sunbeam pie magic traditional, cookies, and more products are available on the same page. Browse these deals by Big W home sale 9 – 22 Apr:

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  1. Hello I’m wanting to get the hallway table in light timber top and the draw at the front has a cane insert, I carnt find it anywhere, can you please tell me if I can still get them as I want 2 of them ,the price is $69 , thanks

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