Big W Home Specials Catalogue 12 – 17 Feb 2016

PERFECT STORAGE SOLUTIONS Big W Home Specials Catalogue 12 - 17 Feb 2016

In this catalogue you gonna find great solutions about storage and stylish furniture. With high quality material you can use these products for long time. Space bags, hangers and fabric boxes are on sale with good price. Keep your stuffs in perfect furniture. Its really hard to put everything you need in a one baggage. Even if is it winter, clothes are very thick and hard to put in baggage. There is a perfect solution about this issue. 2 pack large vacuum storage bags from Space Bag. This product is from $15 2 pack with $5 save. Make your clothes thinner with small touch. Just you need a vacuum for making that thinner. Vacuum all air inside that bags and thats it !

Great organizers on sale at Big W. Check newest designs and perfect material made furniture. Closetmaid 15 unit organizer from $39, and 24 inch horizontal stacker $19. For more detail and feeling material, come and visit rayon. Nifty clothes rach with shelf will helps your clothes and items to organize easily. Also you can find large fabric boxes and extra shelf organizer sets from $12 by House & Home. Feel quality of housing at Big W. Enjoy it !

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