Big W Kids Clothing 12 – 25 Mar 2020 | Catalogue Products

Big W Kids Clothing 12 - 25 Mar 2020Jeans, jackets, sweatshirt, print tees, leggings, and similar casual clothing products of K-D and Denim 1964 Co. for kids are viewable deals on pg 22-23. You can renew the entire wardrobe for lower costs this week. Brilliant Basics sweatshirt or trackpants will cost $5 at Big W. Browse Big W Kids Clothing Sale in the Big W Catalogue for toddlers, too. Colourful options and cute little dresses might be alternatives for Easter. Dymples Frill or quilte sweatshirts are great for Autumn and a bit chill climate. The price will be only $12 at Big W. The Catalogue also has Easter decorations. Traditional characters like medium moss bunnies, grass bunny, ceramic bunnies, and blankets are available in this part of the new catalogue. Candies, chocolate bunnies, Easter hunting eggs, and other traditional products of Cadbury and more brands are viewable on pg 26-27. Most items of Big W Kids Clothing 12 – 25 Mar are priced under $30.

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For toddlers:

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