Big W Outdoor Toys 16 Jun – 15 Jul – Toy Mania Sale

Big W Outdoor Toys 16 Jun - 15 Jul - Toy Mania SaleExplore the new toys of Big W Outdoor Toys category. Meet with the new products of the outdoor toy category of Big W Toy Mania sale. The catalogue has a lot of new toys and already known products are on sale. Little Tikes toys like cozy coupes, crazy pumper are two new toys as an example. Shop water slides and similar playsets for your garden. Pre-order for Christmas. It’s a great thing to have a lookbook like this. You’ll be ready for Christmas because you can lay-by. One of the water toys is Happy Hop. It’s an inflatable water slide. Using an electric blower, you can easily inflate it and it’ll be ready to go.

The outdoor play category offers a little bit nostalgic theme with those playhouses like wooden chubby house on pg 67. Wooden products will look beautiful in your garden and kids will have a place to pass time. Most of the products are brand new. Goliath trampolines are also part of the new Big W Toy Mania Sale. The deals are not valid yet. But they will be on the 16th of June. Don’t forget to seek your favourite type of toy in the Big W Catalogue.


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