Big W Playstation Specials Catalogue 17 – 24 Dec 2015

BIG W PLAYSTATION OFFERBig W Playstation Specials Catalogue 17 - 24 Dec 2015

Christmas is coming with all its opportunities! You know this year is the year of gamers, the latest trend of this year for gamers is FallOut 4, which themed about the survival type game which is the newest type of the game scenario. This game is based on “Wasteland” which had a nuclear attack, survivals are living in a human – made cave, and all individuals who are living in this cage has different roles to survive against horrific bugs and sickness, or other disasters. This game scenario is really thrilling which made really huge fan support of this game. For your boyfriend, or maybe your son, this game would be the best Christmas Gift! This opportunity can make you the best one on your son or boyfriends idea! Show your love to them in a very alternative way to show!

FallOut 4, which is really popular game in these times. Its unique scenario and amazing story makes people love this unique game! In this Christmas, you can show your love to your gamer friend- relative or son, maybe husband to buy this game, you can find this game in 3 platforms , for your Personal Computers (PC) , For PlayStation 4 (PS 4) or for X box One , let them enjoy with learning surviving in a disaster, as known disasters can not be predicted, so it can be great practice for you!

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