Big W SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker

You might have a pretty good chance to save money if you use Sodastream Spirit OneTouch sparkling water maker. It comes with carbondioxide canister and a liter bottle.Big W SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker This product is one of the latest models of its own kind. You will just need regular tap water to make some soda at home. Mix it with some lime and ice, have a refreshing beverage at home. There are also flavours either made by SodaStream or available online. I like plain soda and maybe a little lime in it. But if you like to have some flavoured carbonated water, you have a lot of options, too. We can also say that owning one of these is environment friendly. If you like the taste of the soda you make with this product, that will make you not buy soda packs from the supermarket. They have lime drops and similar flavours.  You’ll be saving and using less plastic. Visit their website. Other models of Sodastream are Fizzi and Aqua Fizz. Very basic product, and a perfect gift for Mother’s Day. But you can see alternatives other than the Big W SodaStream Sparkling water maker:

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