Big W Superman Specials Catalogue 10 – 16 Mar 2016


Big W Superman Specials Catalogue 10 - 16 Mar 2016

Ladies, it is time to choose your side, are you on Batman’s side or Superman’s one? You can show to everyone with the newest ideas from Big W stores. There are perfect themed – items about Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice movie. Whole world separated into two because of their favourite supernatural characters. You can also prefer one of it and show to everyone! There are Batman or Superman themed Leggings for ladies with amazing prices. It will make you feel warmer because of its perfectly tailored fabric and also trendy because of its thematic inclusions. Leggings which are themed by this movie are only $18 per each! It would be good memory for you! You can also look for Batman or Superman Sweatshirts for ladies. There are amazing varieties which will make you look really cool and fashionable! You can afford those sweatshirts with $25 per each! It is really smart idea that can make you feel good!

There are also a lot of offers for your kids from Big W stores. Batman or Superman Kids Scuffs are available for your precious ones in Big W in this week. It would be great idea for you and your kids. They can choose their the most favourite superhero which can save the world easily. These argument is all around the world. You can find Batman or Superman Kids Scuffs with only $15 per each. There are lots of varieties that gives you selection chance!

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