Big W Toaster Deal and More Kitchen Deals September 2019

Browse the latest Big W Catalogue to see a kitchen appliances sale. Russell Hobbs products are premium quality items and you can see microwave ovens, kettles, blenders, mixers, and more. Modern looking products will cost cheaper this week at Big W stores. Not only the kitchen is a category in the category of appliances in the catalogue. Big W Toaster deal is a Russell Hobbs product on pg 9 this week. Before you decide if you need a toaster or not let me tell about Maillard Reaction. In chemistry, this is the terminology to explain why grilled chicken tastes better than regularly boiled or fried chicken. Of course, there must be those who would prefer fried chicken sometimes. But what is the difference? Maillard Reaction changes the colour of the meat giving it a brownish touch. The reason is a reaction between an amino acid and reducing sugar. It’s basically like a caramelization of sugar. When you burn it the colour changes to brown. Toasters have a similar effect on the bread since bread is actually basically a sugar. More like glycogen in your blood. Carbs from bread are quickly dissolved and digested in your body. It’s hence tastier than most things. Examples of Maillard reactions are roast meat, beer’s colour, and toasted bread. My favourite breakfast food item is toasted bread.

Russell Hobbs kitchen appliances are one of the most popular things you can find in a Big W Catalogue. This week you can shop Big W Toaster deal from the latest catalogue. Visit pg 9 for the 4-slice toaster and more kitchen appliances:

See many more products in the catalogue. Browse the latest Target and Kmart catalogues to see more similar class products.

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