Big W Toy Mania Top 20 Toys and Products

In one of the Big W Catalogues that are promoting the Toy Mania sale right now, there is a page where you can find the top 20 toys. A list of popular toys might be useful if you are thinking about Christmas. And remember, you can lay-by for Christmas at Big W. The catalogue I am talking about is the second one. They published not so long after the first one. LEGO, Nintendo Switch, Play-Doy, and more toys are in the list of top 20 toys from Big W. The selection belongs to Big W. If you are interesting in toys either in a fun way or decorative way, you can have a look at these beautiful toys. Here are Big W Toy Mania Top 20 Toys:

The most popular and recognizable brand must be LEGO among all toys. Almost all toy sale catalogues include great deals on LEGOs. This one here is a car transporter.

One of the popular stylish dolls of Barbie. Recently, Barbie became 60 years old. This old brand of toy continues to be a good friend of kids.

This toy is not a simple one. The pack contains essential emergency vehicles and two motorcycles. It’s also an educational toy.

A gaming device that needs no introduction. It’ll be $20 cheaper during toy sale. Not a huge discount but still it’s rare.

This toy is made for interactive playing for kids. Fill it with water and water wheels will start working.

Friends are about animal rescue stories. You can use LEGO apps for a better experience.

Play your favourite Nintendo games handheld.

Get ready for the Beyblade duels. This one is a battle set. If you are interested in Beyblade, you will probably like this deal.

One of the top collectible toys. Inside the pack, you can find a layered toy and you can collect 6 dolls and poms.

Consider buying an outdoor playset for kids. Kids can play peek-a-boo with this slide.

According to the catalogue there are only 3000 of this toy.

Hot Wheels is the best collection of cars. Find your favourite vehicle in this garage. One of my favourites from Big W Toy Mania Top 20 Toys.

Do stunts with the Vtech toy. With the vehicle launcher it’ll be a fun action to have this toy in your room. It also features over 60 songs.

Interactive pets have always been popular toys in toy sale catalogues. This little Kangaroo can be your best friend before sleeping.

The most powerful toy in all of these for sure. Experience an offroad drive with this Monster vehicle. This is a replica.

Shop one of the educational toy brands in the toy mania sale. Kids can make hundreds of different shapes with Play-Doh.

Better than half-price. Nerf is already one of the best outdoor toy brands. This blaster is a special one on the Big W Catalogue.

Every kid dreams of a motorbike. It’s the coolest toy they can get in Christmas. You can put this on your possible gift list.

LeapFrog products are educational toys. Prepare kids for school. This product has 200 words in English and French. The toy can make kids like learning and studying.

Let kids enjoy your garden with this little 3-wheels buggy. It also has a trailer and kids can carry their toys around.

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