Big W TVs And Electronic Sale 3 – 16 Oct 2019

If you are thinking of replacing your old TV or buying an additional one, check out the latest Big W TV sale in the catalogue. There are two important deals on the cover page of that catalogue. Sony 50″ Full HD LED Smart TV is only $799 and you will save $200 on that product. These are LED Smart TVs and they can run apps like Netflix and Youtube. Although that’s the case, I still use Playstation 4 for games and apps. It’s far more superior and faster than the operating systems of most TVs. 20% off JVC and Sony TVs.

These are not the only entertainment products of the electronics aisle of Big W stores. Buy smartphones, console games, and Toy Story 4 Blu-Ray. Big W gives away books to kids. A wider range of TVs is available on pg 2. Check out these TVs on the catalogue:

Big W Game Sale and More

New release games are popular entertainment of the Spooktober. If you don’t like to go out much and enjoy your time indoors, gaming is one of the best fun. Buy PS4 Pro bundles, Grid, Concrete Genie, and more games for consoles that are much easier to handle and buy than PCs or laptops.


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