Big W Vtech Phone 27 Feb – 11 Mar 2020 | Catalogue Sale

Big W Vtech Phone 27 Feb - 11 Mar 2020VTech 17550 2-handset Cordless phone DECT6.0 is on sale at Big W stores this week. Save $26.99 on this product. Most homes don’t have a cordless phone anymore, however, if you are running a business or working in an office, you might need such a phone because that’ll look more professional. Just a simple one like this Vtech phone can do the trick. Don’t look for many features because these are mostly old fashioned phones. All Vtech or Uniden phones are now 30% off at Big W. But this is only one part of the office electronics on pg 8. You may find more than the Big W Vtech Phone deal this week. Printers and scanners of Epson, HP, Canon, and exclusive deals might be more important to many businesses.

Print photos and documents with these. Copy whatever that needs to be copied quickly. You can even buy a printer under $30 in this catalogue.

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