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Bunnings Catalogue may offer power tools, gardening tools, new price drops, and a lot of warehouse deals that you can currently shop for the new prices. This store is one of the few biggest hardware retailers in Australia. They publish a catalogue on a monthly basis. Sometimes more than one for special days like Fathers Days because there are nice gifts for fathers in the product range of Bunnings. Power tools including drill drivers, grinders, combo kits, multifunctional tools and their parts are major categories in the catalogues. Moreover, the catalogues are not only for selling something but also they teach people how to handle problems with DIY projects. Fencing, decoration, furnishing are only a few of the actions you can learn from the squad and online publishes of the Bunnings. Also, they have a Youtube page where you can find videos for those how-to subjects. In this page, you can always browse the latest catalogue and read the reviews.

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Gardening Tools Bunnings Catalogue March 2017

This week a new Bunnings Catalogue has been published. As the new season upcoming, you might be in need of reorganising and trimming your garden.Gardening Tools Bunnings Catalogue March 2017 Prefer professional ways of doing it, choose your tools in the right way and get them for lower prices. Lawn mowers, blowers, trimmers, forks, hand tools, bags and more will be needed for winter preps of garden. So much work to be done in Fall before winter. Cleaning up planted material comes at first place. You can do chemical tests, and save the leaves to get natural leaf mold. There plenty of options in the list to do. But first take a look at the Bunnings Warehouse products, and think of how to make things easier.

Makita 25.7cc Line Trimmer $199
Fiskars Extension Tree Pruner $68.90
Victa 140cc Classic Cut Lawn Mower $399
Cyclone Post Hole Shovel $48.95

While preparing your garden for winter, remember to leave vegetables. Veggies like cauliflower can attract the insects or harmful worms eventually killing them. A tricky technique to care about your ground. Special mulch prices are featured on pg 15. Find watering pot and insect sprays there. Your vegetables will die in winter. So cleaning up your garden is vitally important. Remember to get the best deals by Bunnings Catalogue.

Are some of the powerful tools for your garden. Follow this category for next catalogue of the warehouse.

Bunnings Gift Cards

Do you have trouble with choosing gifts for special days ? The Bunnings Warehouse, which has 100 years experience in trade of hardware, has awesome gift cards either electronic or real.Bunnings Gift Card CatAu If you don't like to select a gift card for your father or grandpa or let them just choose whatever they want to buy for their DIY projects or house, Bunnings gift cards are perfect for you. 6 different gift cards are available. from $10 to $500. However, you can order maximum $2000 worth gift cards at once. The same applies for the e-gift card, too. You can personlise it with a photo. Any Bunnings store will accept this gift card. If you choose e-gift card you won't have to pay for the shipping. Add a message and a photo of your choice and send it to whom you want to gift.

Awesome wide range of Bunnings Warehouse will be probably satisfying for whatever you want to find. Another option is for corporates. If you are thinking professional, download the Bunnings form, fill it to send Bunnings e-mail. You can also personalise these gift cards. If you have a firm, co-workers group or something like these it would be classy. There are options for sending to NZ, too. bunnings.co.nz will be helping you in that case. Don't forget to check out latest Bunnings Catalogue as well. Enjoy Shopping at Bunnings.

Bathroom: Bunnings Catalogue February 2017

Change your bathroom with the special range of Bunnings which aims to introduce you the top bathroom products made of premium quality, designed for modern bathroom and suitable for most homes. Bathroom Bunnings Catalogue February 2017Toilet suites, towel rails, bath types, sink mixers and many more products are available in this catalogue of the warehouse. Furthermore Bunnings also offers kitchen products with a similar understanding of that of the bathroom. Please go to pg 10-11 for all products. Some of the good deals were included in this post. That's not all.

Do you prefer bath tub or a shower cabin ? When you renew your bathroom, it's one of the first questions you might ask yourself. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Some people like to have both. And some even combine them together but I doubt that would work since bath tub base is not completely flat while a shower cabin provides that comfort. And mind that bath tub is mostly more expensive than a shower cabin.

- The first issue to me is splashing. Of course without a screen, the water would splash all over the place when using a bath tub.
- Some dermatologists say soaking your body long time in a bath may result in drying your skin.
- Another aspect of this comparison is the danger for planet. Since baths take a lot of water, shower cabin could be pointed as winner, however if you take a shower for half an hour, that's not saving planet 😀
- Another point is the view. Baths are generally preferred in classic houses when it comes to completing a fashion in bathroom designing.
- Finally their prices:

Bunnings offers shower cabin for only $199 and $429. However baths are naturally much more expensive than this. Freestanding modern bath is only $1126 and other baths are over $1500 which can be seen on pg 10.

Mondella Concerto Rectangle Shower Drain $155
Mondella Rococo Rail Shower $122
Estilo Toilet Cistern $77
Caroma Cosmo Single Towel Rail $44.70