Cheap as Chips Leap Day Sale 29% Off

Next week there is going to be a nice deal at Cheap as Chips stores. They call it the Leap Day sale on the new Cheap as Chips Catalogue which is titled with the date 28 Mar – 5 Mar. You can see the new catalogue today already. The items from the front-page of the catalogue will be on sale only for 28 – 29 February. Take a look at what this special catalogue has for you. They have clothing, pantry, garden decoration, and more home products.

  • Home Essentials 3 door pantry
  • Australiana garden ornaments
  • Germanica lightweight 600w carpet cleaner
  • Matrix gaming chair
  • Melanie cat scratcher
  • Bastway Fast set pool
  • Assorted adults clothing
  • Kids Clothing

Cheap as Chips Leap Day Sale 29% Off

Many more products and deals appear on other pages of the new catalogue. Check out gardening products, plastic cabinets, flexi tub, laundry products, pet enclosures, elder care products, and many more at amazingly low prices at this store.

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