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Cheap as Chips is a store to find just about anything for daily life. Outdoor furniture, grocery, stationery, toys, home and decor and much more. Cheap As Chips Catalogue is publishing for a shopping centre that retails such categories. Furniture seems to be one of the most popular categories of this retailer. Also, find simple things like batteries very cheap in this store. They have really cheaper things than regular stores. It’s very affordable that we can save much more on furniture. Imagine how cheaper can an outdoor sofa be in such a store. Cheap As Chips catalogues are regularly updated in this page. Moreover, we discuss the products and their popularity among customers who seek for low-cost products. The stores of Cheap as Chips are not very high in numbers but they have 42 stores in 3 regions. Shop in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales.

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Cheap As Chips Catalogue 13 - 19 Oct 2021

Cheap As Chips Catalogue shows huge deals again. Spring sale is here. Buy new things of Spring for your home. Products like blinds, barrel planters, garden houses, and more products are on the front page. Save on some kitchen appliances. Cheap As Chips Catalogue 13 - 19 Oct 2021 offers retro style 1200 Watt pizza oven. Save $10 off when you spend $75 on participating items. Opaque front cupbards are some of them and you can find on pg 2-3. Henley & Grange bathroom accessories with soap di Read More...


Cheap As Chips Catalogue 6 - 12 Oct 2021

Cheap As Chips Spring sale is here. The new catalogue demonstrates what cool things you can buy for hot prices. Halloween sale is a part of the catalogue, too. If you celebrate one of the fun nights of the year and dress up, this place can be relatively cheaper than big costume stores. Cheap As Chips Catalogue 6 - 12 Oct 2021 has some of them on the front page. For example, buy animated skull door knocker for only $40 this week. Spring means you need a beautiful garden to relax in the evening Read More...

Latest Catalogues Easter Toy Sales 2021

Coles, Big W, Myer, and more retailers have Easter sales which don't only include Easter confectionery but also toy sales. Coles has also a small toy sale where you can find plush animals like bunnies. You can buy Easter bunny (23cm) for only $14. And more products of Easter are available on Coles Catalogue:

Latest Catalogues Easter Toy Sales 2021

Big W Catalogue 1 - 14 Apr 2021

Again, one of the important toy sales you might want to see. Check out the table of contents on pg 2. Moreover, this catalogue is not only about toy sales. You have products for home, electronic needs, camping, etc.

Check out some cool toys on Big W Catalogue Easter Toy Sales content:

Big W Catalogue 1 - 14 Apr 2021

Myer Catalogue Easter Toy Sale

Brands like Fao Schwarz, Discovery, and more are worthy of seeing in the new Myer Catalogue. Come across with these toys on the latest Myer Catalogue 29 Mar - 26 Apr 2021 sale:

Myer Catalogue Toy 29 Mar - 26 Apr 2021

Cheap As Chips Catalogue

This is a great alternative, too. It has some of the cheapest Easter products. You can find candies in gift boxes, too. Check out pg 3 of the Cheap as Chips Catalogue 31 Mar - 6 Apr 2021 to see all these and Easter toy sales.

Cheap As Chips Catalogue 31 Mar - 6 Apr 2021

Cheap As Chips Catalogue Ottoman Sofa Bed

Cheap As Chips Catalogue Ottoman Sofa BedBuy a really comfortable ottoman sofa bed for only $299 at Cheap As Chips stores this week. Watch movies, play games, read your book, simply rest or even sleep on this sofa bed. It can also be completely flat or box-like. There is more product on this Cheap As Chips Catalogue for your home:

  • Childrens recliner $99
  • 110 piece tool set $99
  • Artificial grass $39
  • Steel step ladder $49
  • Schmackos beef strapz $9.99
  • Large pet cooling mat $35

Cheap As Chips Catalogue Deals 19 Feb - 26 Feb 2019

Cheap As Chips is a place to find anything related to our daily life. Toys, storage products, furniture, decoration, outdoor furniture and more are the categories from the latest Cheap as Chips Catalogue. Keep it cool with the cool and cheap furniture. Buy simple products to handle small problems. If you have small things you don't need anymore, buy a storage ottoman with backrest, use it to store your stuff and lay your legs. Buy plastic storage products like rainbow storage tubs priced at $20-$30. 45L tub will cost $30. A cooling product is one of the highlighted offers. Digital thermostat, effective cooling, portable product. It will cost $30 each.
Ride on 12 V mini cooper is $199 which is $100 cheaper than the regular price. Make your garden beautiful with plants and flowers. Succulant, magnolia, lily plant in the pot are available with discount prices on pg 2. You have also mats on the same page. Circle, carpet, long and square mats are cheap as chips. If you have a lot of books and stuff like DVD movies, a bookcase is an ideal solution for storing and showcasing them. Browse pg 2-3 for such products on sale.

Combo deal is "get all 3 for only $199!". You regularly see multiple buy deals like that. My favourite part of this catalogue is the last page where you can see outdoor furniture including BBQs. Tenessee smoker & BBQ, round smoker and grill with porcelain bowl are half priced this week. Buy some cushions for your chairs in your backyard. There is also a waterproof pet bed that costs only $49 at this store.