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Cheap as Chips is a store to find just about anything for daily life. Outdoor furniture, grocery, stationery, toys, home and decor, and much more. Find the Cheap As Chips Catalogue updates on this page regularly every week. Moreover, we discuss the products and their popularity among customers who seek low-cost products.

Cheap As Chips Chippie Rewards

Earn points and get rewarded. Chippie Rewards is the loyalty program of this store and if you sign up today, you will receive a welcome reward, too.

Delivery & Stores

Click & collect and delivery are both available at this store. In the holiday season, you might have difficulty but before a certain date, they guarantee delivery time. Most of the stores are in SA, VIC, NSW.

Product Range and Holiday Season

These catalogues can show you some great deals on home furniture and appliances from time to time.  They have really cheaper things than regular stores. It’s very affordable that we can save much more on furniture. Compare it to big department stores and you will see the difference easily.

Toys and Christmas gifts have usually the biggest space in the catalogues during the holiday seasons. Last-minute gifts can be found on them. Cheap As Chips catalogue is sometimes even an easy way to find a luxury item, too.

Cheap as Chips has 42 stores in 3 regions. Shop in South Australia, Victoria, and New South Wales.

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