Coles Catalogue 9-15 January Health and Beauty

You can see the new half-price deals in Coles Catalogue 9-15 January Health and Beauty. Check personal care products of Nature’s Way Magnesium, Probiotic, Beauty Collagen. One of the best cosmetic products of Revlon is the mega multiplier blackest black mascara on page 28. It is not late for slowing down your aging process by using L’oreal Age Perfect Cream with anti sagging and anti-age spots.

Here is the Nivea Men series for the well-groomed men Sensitive shaving gel and moisturizer. On page 29 also check disposable razors for men and women for saving half of your money. Industry leading brands like Head & Shoulders and Herbel Essences give you the best deals of shampoo and conditioner sets with half price.

Another important category is home essentials in this catalogue. There are bug sprays for all kinds of insects you have in your bedroom bathroom. Check Raid’s One shoot target kill or odorless surface spray. If you prefer low allergenic item check Mortein Naturgard fast knockdown spray. Another choice is Mortein Naturegard indoor automatic insect control prime.

The smell of the house affects all your family mood. On page 35  half priced Air Wick pure sprays and refills with no water in its formula so you can smell only the fragrance. Clean your toilet with Harpic Fresh Power Toilet cleaner then for the best toilet smell there are two types of The Air Wick odors, lemon, and fruity. Next item about laundry,  you have three options capsule powder and liquid washing agents. Half price deals on 09-15 January with the best brands Dynamo, Omo.

Here are some good picks for you.