Coles Catalogue Deals 23-29 Jan

Voila! Coles Catalogue 23-29 Jan is published with amazing offers which are valid until 29 January. It is designed to make the perfect meal for your beloved ones on Australia Day. Also, your health and beauty are not forgotten. There are high-class products for your hair, teeth, skin and more.

Dinner and Snacks

Begin with checking the first 3 pages for special savings for a good dinner table. Also on page 4, you can find a mind-blowing recipe to make Lamb Leg for the main dish. On the other hand, you have lots of other options such as pork and beef on the next pages. But if you prefer white meat, you must try Coles hot roast chicken immediately. Don’t forget to take into consideration half-price deals of snacks and drinks. For example, chocolate, biscuits, cracker, granola and muesli bars are offered at spectacular prices. It’s a great pleasure to drink a hot coffee after a satisfying meal. On page 12 options are waiting for you.

Back to School and Body Care

You aren’t late for the back to school shopping. Coles Catalogue gives you the best chances to save money. A wide range of snacks, stationary are available for your kid to eat healthily and study with high-quality products. Another special category is containing beauty items such as shampoo, shower gel, razor, toothbrushes with half-price deals.


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