Coles Catalogue Good Snacks 10 – 16 Mar 2016

Coles Catalogue Good Snacks 10 - 16 Mar 2016


Enjoy with snacking moments in your home or work. In Coles’ stores there are amazing price – cuts to make your satisfaction much more fulfilled! You can find amazing products which are on half price cut for yourselves. There are tasty ideas which will make you feel better with its tastes. You can find Schweppes soft drinks which are available for you with its amazing discounts. Its soft drinks or mineral water varieties are $1,10 , instead of $2,20. You can get 2 with single prices in Coles’ markets. With Schweppes, you can find amazing Cadbury bars which can cheer your up every day. It is really small so if you are on diet, you do not need to get scared to eat it. You can find Cadbury Medium Bar varieties with amazing prices. Enjoy with amazing snacks which can make your days much more productive with amazing prices. In Coles’ stores, selected products are on half price cut for you!

You can need some Vitamin Water which will make you feel protected from some illnesses or seasonal flu. All you need is Glaceau Vitamin Water which is available in Coles’ stores. Its taste and quality is unarguable! You can make your days much stronger with its perfect taste and its ingredients. You can afford this vitamin water with only $1,57 in Coles’ stores sales! If you are looking for something much more natural, you can find it in Coles stores for yourselves. Campbell’s V8 or V8 Power Blend Juice which is 1,25 Litre are available with perfect sales!

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