Coles Catalogue Happy Easter 23 – 29 Mar 2016

This week in Coles Stores, there are wide range of the products to make your days much better because of its quality and prices. You would enjoy your Easter week with amazing ideas. You can find Australian Pork Leg Roast in the first page with only $7 per kilograms. It would be revolutionary price! You must see another options to make your Easter food much tastier and you would serve to your guests some various food to show your elegance! Easter’s number one, Hot Cross Buns are available in Coles Stores, you can afford it with only $3,25 per pks!



If you are looking for some classical Easter gifts, you can find egg shaped Easter chocolates to see their love at you! In Coles’ Deli, you can find amazing cheese varieties for making your appetizers really tasty. You would enjoy with all of them without any worries. They are all natural and healthy, choose your favourite and brighten your days! Also in Delis, you can find a lot of meat production such as burgers, any ingredients are used for thinking about your pleasure. You can find Coles’ Beef Burgers with only $5 per pks! You can see a lot of seafood options for yourselves also, various shrimps are waiting your purchase! For your Easter dinners, there are great recipes for you! You can see the world – known chief’s best ideas to make your foods tastier with some little touches! Also veggies and fruits are on perfect price for making your days much better! You can also find some newer essentials for your kitchens. You will love this new White Wings Shaker Pancakes! You will just shake it, add it on your pan, and enjoy! For making your pancakes tasty, you can put peanut butter on it as you see in the catalogue!

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