Coles Easter Specials 20 – 26 Mar 2024

The arrival of autumn brings a unique twist to Easter celebrations. As the weather cools and leaves turn golden, Aussies gear up for a festive season filled with outdoor adventures and family gatherings. From beachside barbecues to bushwalks amidst breathtaking scenery, Easter in Australia is a time to savour the beauty of nature and the company of loved ones. Coles Easter Specials 20 – 26 Mar 2024 will only improve this joyful time because you get to save on your favourite treats. You can use the Coles Catalogue this week to explore the half-price specials. Likewise, the Easter sale has many half-price deals this week. You can also find all Coles half-price specials on sales & specials page.

  • ½ price Toblerone, Cadbury Roses, Lindt Praline Master Collection Box, Ferrero Rocher 30 Pack Gift Box, and more
  • Easter specials: Lindt Gold Bunny, Darrell Lea Mini Eggs, Kinder Mini Easter eggs, Mars Easter Gift Box, Cadbury Easter products
  • Lindt Lindor Bag is new at Coles. It will be only $7 which is $3 cheaper

Coles Fresh Sale 20 – 26 Mar 2024

Take a look at the new special savings of fruits and veggies. Pumpkin, oranges, strawberries, pretzel chocolate party mix, and more products are going to be available at special prices. Enjoy these deals in the fresh – deli and bakery section.

  • Down Down deal: Aussie brushed potatoes $4/bag
  • Hot Cross Buns 2 for $6
  • ½ price Vittoria Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules 10 pack

Snacks & Drinks 20 – 26 Mar 2024

You can see more in the snacks & beverage section.

  • ½ price Schweppes, Powerade, Golden Circle
  • ½ price Maltesers, Darrell Lea, Lindt Lindor, Thins Potato Chips, and more
  • ½ price Haribo, Menz Choc Coated Candy, Pringles Potato Crisps, McVitie’s Fully Coated Chocolate Biscuits

Grocery & Pantry 20 – 26 Mar 2024

Easter specials or candies should not be the only reason to browse this catalogue. You can find grocery – pantry essentials that will help you cook delicious meals.

  • ½ price Sunrice Jasmine Rice, Gold Sunset Canola or Vegetable Oil
  • ½ price Nice & Natural nut bars, Jordans Granola or Oat Clusters, Old El Paso Hard ‘n Soft Taco
  • Coles Bonus Builders: Pokémon participating products like Yoplait Yoghurt
  • Primo Rindless Short Cut Baco 1kg $12pk

If you like to have some snacks watching the games, you can use this catalogue to buy them cheaper. Patties Party Pack, McCain Rustica Pizza are both footy’s special snack deals.

  • Oreo Cookies 4 Pack, Bulla Creamy Classic, Parle kulfi ice cream, Bulla Creamy Classic Cones
  • Ice cream deals like Streets Magnum, Peters Connoisseur, Ben & Jerry’s Tubs, and more

Personal Care, Baby, Libra Deals 20 – 26 Mar 2024

Coles offers personal care products including baby care items this week. Save half on some of these products. Explore latest specials on the Coles Catalogue for nonfood products.

  • ½ price Oral-B white pro diamond clean or string enamel toothpaste, 1500 recharge electric toothbrush
  • Huggies Ultra Dry Jumbo nappies $31
  • 30% off Libra deals
  • ½ price Unlabelled Body Wash
  • ½ price Dove antiperspirant aerosol deodorant

Household Supplies and cleaning products are also half-price specials. Finish Tablets, Mortein insect killers, Bonds underwear and more are also featured offers in the catalogues. You can get more details on