Coles vs Woolworths Half-Price 10 – 16 Apr 2024

Let’s compare what two of the most popular supermarkets have in their half-price sales this week. You can check out Coles vs Woolworths Half-Price comparison using our sales page. In this post, we will focus on the content of their catalogues. As usual, both catalogues start with half-price specials.

Coles additionally highlights the free ovenware sale. You can get free ovenware if you collect enough credits. See page 30 of the Coles Catalogue

Highlighted deal on the new Woolworths Catalogue is the Big Brand Value which has household deals (for example: Cold Power and Finish at lower prices). 

Coles Half-Price Sale 10 – 16 April 2024

Coles offers half-price deals on Arnott’s Timtam, Thins potato chips, and more products on the first page. The first part of the catalogue is basically a half-price sale.

See more half-price items on page 2 – 7:

Furthermore, you can buy some of your favourite snacks and breakfast cereals at half-price value. It is easy to spot these half-price specials on page 6-7 on the latest catalogue. Enjoy these Coles specials on Wednesday.

Usually the half-price specials can be found in snacks, pantry and nonfood items. But sometimes Coles and Woolworths offer fresh products, deli, and meat at half prices, too. You can enjoy saving half on dried tomatoes and olives at the deli of Coles this week.

Coles Olive and Dried Tomatoes Half-Price Sale 10 - 16 Apr 2024

Coles Snacks & Drinks Half-Price Sale 10 – 16 Apr 2024

We passed the Easter week now but there are still occasional deals for Easter products. I don’t know how much you still want to stock up on candies after Easter week, but you should know Coles offers half-price deals on confectionery, chocolate, snacks, and drinks, too.

Coles Pantry Half-Price Sale 10 – 16 Apr 2024

Your essential needs for cooking, condiments, rice and more can be seen in the latest catalogue. If you want to save half on these products, take a look at these deals from the new catalogue.

They also offer yogurt pouches, frozen food at half prices. Check out the deals on products of dairy – frozen category in the latest catalogue.

Coles Meals Half-Price Sale 10 - 16 Apr 2024

Farmers Union Yogurt Pouch half-price deal:

That’s about the entire half-price grocery part of Coles Catalogue 10 – 16 Apr 2024. Scroll down to compare them to Woolworths.

Woolworths Half-Price Sale 10 – 16 April 2024

Like its rival, Woolworths Catalogue starts with half-price specials. You can buy chicken garlic kyiv, Mountain Dew, Heinz Classic Soup, and more products half prices at Woolies this week. Alongside the half-price deals, they have a big brand value sale. You will be able to save on popular brands from food and nonfood categories.

See more half-price items in the first part of the catalogue.

You can browse the bigger part of the half-price sale including the Big Brand Value sale on these pages below. Scroll down to see snacks, crackers, muesli, Heinz canned soup, Cheezels, vitamins, supplements, personal care products at half-price deals this week.

Here are the Woolworths health care products half prices below. They have Nature’s Way, Nature’s Own, Blackmores, and more brands.

A noteworthy deal promotion from this catalogue is the 10x rewards. If you shop participating brands which are available on page 9, you can boost your budget collecting 10x points. Among them, there are also half-price deals.

Also, don’t forget to check out Smith’s chips half-price deal which comes with a competition. You can win a big prize. See the advertiser promotion on page 29. Over 50,000 prizes if you play the game of life. Learn details on the catalogue.

The half-price sale in the catalogue has more items. But they are spread on all pages. You will be able to catch all of them if you follow the catalogue. Catalogues and specials can be sent to you with emails if you subscribe to the newsletter. You can also follow our Facebook and Instagram pages.