Costco Optical Service

At the Costco Optical department, you get a $50 discount on the second pair of eyeglasses. Consult a medical professional and get your glasses from Costco. The deal on the second eyeglasses is for the prescription glasses. And you need to buy them on the same day. Still a great deal if you need to carry two pairs of glasses. Go to and fill the form to submit for an appointment. All you need to give is your name, email, phone, and date. And you also need to enter the location. Set an appointment for the nearest Costco warehouse. Also, see the latest Costco Catalogue for more deals.

Costco Optical

Improved Lenses and Lense Treatments at Costco Optical

Do you want to see sharper? Here is a chance to improve your sight using Kirkaland Signature lenses. When you buy these lenses, you will also receive anti-refective treatment. Also, they look better. Other lenses such as polarised lenses, office lenses, photochromic lenses are also available at Costco Optical.

Polarised lenses are great. Even though you don’t have any problem with your site, you can use them for clearer vision removing the sun effect. Sunlight distorts a majority of our sight. After using the polarised lens, you will notice the difference. At Costco Optical you can get:

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