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View Countdown Mailer in this page and see all the latest deals on grocery products. Countdown is a subsidiary of Woolworths operating in New Zealand. The appearance is similar to Woolies, too. Read the posts about Countdown Catalogue here, learn about new recipes, new deals every week. They have Countdown specials updated regularly. If you check this page when a new mailer comes up, you might also hear from the news from your local store or news from the brand, too.

It’s a supermarket with a wide range of grocery products. They also provide discounts and specials via a card. You can get onecard creating an account on the official website. When you have Countdown onecard, you will start to receive points that may eventually turn into savings. Onecard Club prices are one of the exclusive perks for the members. Moreover, you can save on fuel, too. Countdown Mailer online is shoppable as well as the Countdown online shop. Both are officially available on the landing page of the retailer’s website. We’ll be posting reviews and interesting information about products, possible ways to save more in a week.

Great prices, personalised mailers, healthy food advice, and food hub where you can learn about easy recipes are also services by the supermarket.

The supermarket operates in New Zealand since 1981. According to the website of this supermarket, they have over 3M customers on a weekly basis.

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Countdown Mailer 8 - 14 Aug 2022

You can collect free wiltshire cutlery with estamps. With your purchases at Countdown stores, you will get those eStamps. Earn Bonus eStamps when you purchase any participating products in a $20 shop. Countdown Mailer 8 - 14 Aug 2022 shows all these and similar deals. The hot hot specials is a major part of the new catalogue. Find meat, whole chicken, apples, and more fresh products on pg 5. There are great deals on snacks, too. Cheezels, KitKat, Wattie's Fries, and more are available in the Read More...


Countdown Mailer 1 - 7 Aug 2022

Collect wiltshire cutlery earning eStamps for your $20 purchase at Countdown stores. The new catalogue promotes the top deals of the week. Buy products like weet-bix, avocados, food storage items on the front page. Save with great price sale. If you are a regular customer at this store, you probably shop basics like rice or tomato sauce regularly. Beef mince, long grain rice, tomato sauce, diced tomatoes are participating items of the great price sale. And more items are also available. Count Read More...

Countdown Mailer Grocery 6 - 12 Jul 2020 | New Specials

Great prices are available in this mailer.Countdown Mailer Grocery 6 - 12 Jul 2020 They promoted the best deals of the week. You should not miss out these prices. The specials and the great prices can be found on pg 1-2. Buy orange, nuggets, beverage, butter, and more products with these deals. Countdown Mailer Grocery 6 - 12 Jul sale covers quick and easy meals on pg 3-4. The content of the mailer can be a good guide for those who look for new recipes, too. Buy Countdown traditional beef sausages 6 pack for only $20 this week. NZ made products are also an important part of these sales. Some of them from the meat department can be seen on pg 5-6.

NZ Made:

Countdown Meat and Grocery Sale

You can see Countdown Mailer Grocery 6 - 12 Jul deals on fresh beef, diced beef, beef mince, and similar products. All of them may be attractive deals if you are looking for such products. Seafood is also there for you to explore some.

Countdown Mailer Specials 29 Jun - 5 Jul 2020

You have new half-price deals regarding the specials in the Countdown Mailer. Countdown Mailer Specials 29 Jun - 5 Jul 2020I think most of them are must-see deals if you want to save on your regular shopping expenses. They have a range of half prices on pg 2. Not all of them are food products. For example, you can buy Olay Regenerist micro-sculpting night cream 50g or serum 50mL for only $24.50! Countdown supermarket may be a good place to shop the essentials such as eggs, meat, butter, and you can find quick ideas like stir-fry mix, too. Ingham's frozen whole chicken 2.3kg will cost only $10. Favourite snacks, chocolate blocks, candies, and more are also on sale at Countdown supermarket this week. V Energy Drink and Bounty chocolate will both cost half. Check out some of these half-price deals by Countdown Mailer Specials 29 Jun - 5 Jul:

Countdown Meat and Fresh Produce Sale

One of the things you should definitely see this week. If you want to buy some high-quality fresh products or pre-packaged vegetables, check out this part of the catalog. It's really easy to make some vegetable soup. Just mix your favourite vegetables, fry them just a little bit and add water to boil. Countdown Mailer Specials 29 Jun - 5 Jul are fresh products and meat on pg 13-16.

Countdown Mailer Specials 22 Jun 2020

Check out the top specials of Countdown supermarkets in the Countdown mailer today. Countdown Mailer Specials 22 Jun 2020The deals are going to be valid on 22 June and you can save on the essentials, breakfast food, snacks, muffins, salad mix, fresh fruits, and more products. Specials appear on the first two pages where you can find coffee, cheese block, toilet tissue, muffins, and more products. Learn more about the latest deals on essentials. Prices of basics of weekly shopping appear on pg 3-4. Shopping bulky is mostly cheaper practically thinking. Because when you go to a store for a few basic items, you may end up buying some extra snacks you didn't plan to buy in the first place. Combine your shopping list with the deals, try to buy a week's needs in a single shot. Check out these Countdown Mailer Specials 22 Jun that might possibly be in your shopping list:

Shop bakery and deli products, too. It will be easier to pack your lunch in the mornings when you have enough of these products in your fridge. Save with the deals on Countdown salted caramel, dreamy chunky chocolate, hot roast whole medium chicken, muffin splits, and more products. Also, see these great prices from Countdown Mailer Specials 22 Jun: