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View Countdown Mailer in this page and see all the latest deals on grocery products. Countdown is a subsidiary of Woolworths operating in New Zealand. The appearance is similar to Woolies, too. Read the posts about Countdown Catalogue here, learn about new recipes, new deals every week. They have Countdown specials updated regularly. If you check this page when a new mailer comes up, you might also hear from the news from your local store or news from the brand, too.

It’s a supermarket with a wide range of grocery products. They also provide discounts and specials via a card. You can get onecard creating an account on the official website. When you have Countdown onecard, you will start to receive points that may eventually turn into savings. Onecard Club prices are one of the exclusive perks for the members. Moreover, you can save on fuel, too. Countdown Mailer online is shoppable as well as the Countdown online shop. Both are officially available on the landing page of the retailer’s website. We’ll be posting reviews and interesting information about products, possible ways to save more in a week.

Great prices, personalised mailers, healthy food advice, and food hub where you can learn about easy recipes are also services by the supermarket.

The supermarket operates in New Zealand since 1981. According to the website of this supermarket, they have over 3M customers on a weekly basis.

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Countdown Mailer 8 - 14 Aug 2022

You can collect free wiltshire cutlery with estamps. With your purchases at Countdown stores, you will get those eStamps. Earn Bonus eStamps when you purchase any participating products in a $20 shop. Countdown Mailer 8 - 14 Aug 2022 shows all these and similar deals. The hot hot specials is a major part of the new catalogue. Find meat, whole chicken, apples, and more fresh products on pg 5. There are great deals on snacks, too. Cheezels, KitKat, Wattie's Fries, and more are available in the Read More...


Countdown Mailer 1 - 7 Aug 2022

Collect wiltshire cutlery earning eStamps for your $20 purchase at Countdown stores. The new catalogue promotes the top deals of the week. Buy products like weet-bix, avocados, food storage items on the front page. Save with great price sale. If you are a regular customer at this store, you probably shop basics like rice or tomato sauce regularly. Beef mince, long grain rice, tomato sauce, diced tomatoes are participating items of the great price sale. And more items are also available. Count Read More...

Countdown Grocery Sale 15 - 21 Jun 2020 | New Mailer

Countdown Grocery Sale 15 - 21 Jun 2020The sale just started yesterday. You have plenty of time to see and shop for these deals. Countdown Grocery Sale 15 - 21 Jun has new specials for all customers. Undiscovered products of the shelves of the basics are being promoted with their new prices. View the deals on Farrah's wraps, Bluebird original, thick or thinly cut potato chips, loose red kumara, up & go, chicken burgers or nuggets on pg 1-2 of this catalogue. Try unusual things from the cuisines of the world. In modern times, everything is conventional and packaged. You have numerous products of the world in your local store. Beloved items of the snack-beverage shelf are also on sale this week. Seek ways to suppress your hunger or enjoy a movie with tasty snacks tonight. Le Snak, Bluebird snack pack, Whittaker's artisan or destination chocolate blocks are three great prices on pg 3.

Countdown sells new products, too. The introduction of the new items can be seen on pg 5-6. Check out the introductory prices and what the supermarket has to offer for you. Make your own bread at home with Mrs Rogers instant yeast sachet. It's really easy to make homemade bread. It'll taste even better than what you would expect. Browse some items and prices of Countdown Mailer of the week:

More deals like Countdown Grocery Sale 15 - 21 Jun can make a difference in your daily life.

Countdown Mailer Sale 8 - 14 Jun 2020

Countdown Mailer Sale 8 - 14 Jun 2020Learn new recipes with Countdown Mailer. A recipe of Gansh's stuffed peppers is available on pg 2. Countdown Specials are viewable in this mailer. Great prices of essential food products including rice and jam are available on pg 3-4. LeSnak 12 pack is $5.50 at Countdown supermarket. Basics will fill your kitchen cabinet and you'll have access to the high-quality ingredients you would possibly use in your dinner meal tonight. Check out likes of these products in Countdown Mailer Sale 8 - 14 Jun.

Meat and fish are also on sale this week. Your chance is big to find a good deal on your favourite kind of seafood on a Countdown Mailer Sale. 8 - 14 Jun prices for salmon, mussels, and more products will be your deals on the protein of the week. Chicken thighs are great for cooking on a fry pan. No need for too much oil or hours-long marination. They are way easier than a chicken breast, though, they are fattier.

Fresh produce section is also promising and the deli-bakery range is gonna be on sale. Find rolls, vegetarian bakery products, and multiple-buy savings in the new catalogue. Countdown Mailer Sale 8 - 14 Jun 2020 has the top deals for the week. Don't miss out on anything from this content.

Countdown Mailer Sale 25 - 31 May 2020

Countdown Mailer Sale 25 - 31 May 2020Meat, fresh fruits, non-food, snacks, beverage deals are being promoted on the new Countdown Mailer sale. The whole week is full of new deals. Awesome prices on products like Pepsi, Eta chips, packaged potatoes, red grapes, and more on the first two pages of the mailer. There is also a mix & match sale this week. Save on bottled wine with your multiple purchases. Pantry-snack sale is available on pg 3-4. Nestlé chocolate blocks, Ritz, Oreo cookies, O&G, Just Juice products are all on sale. In the snack category, you'll also see new products like Griffin's biscuits. 13th of June is Queen's birthday and if you want to bake something there are quite useful recommendations from Countdown Mailer on pg 6. Some cream, maple's syrup, chocolate drops, sugar, eggs, and more can be your flavours or ingredients.

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