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View Countdown Mailer in this page and see all the latest deals on grocery products. Countdown is a subsidiary of Woolworths operating in New Zealand. The appearance is similar to Woolies, too. Read the posts about Countdown Catalogue here, learn about new recipes, new deals every week. They have Countdown specials updated regularly. If you check this page when a new mailer comes up, you might also hear from the news from your local store or news from the brand, too.

It’s a supermarket with a wide range of grocery products. They also provide discounts and specials via a card. You can get onecard creating an account on the official website. When you have Countdown onecard, you will start to receive points that may eventually turn into savings. Onecard Club prices are one of the exclusive perks for the members. Moreover, you can save on fuel, too. Countdown Mailer online is shoppable as well as the Countdown online shop. Both are officially available on the landing page of the retailer’s website. We’ll be posting reviews and interesting information about products, possible ways to save more in a week.

Great prices, personalised mailers, healthy food advice, and food hub where you can learn about easy recipes are also services by the supermarket.

The supermarket operates in New Zealand since 1981. According to the website of this supermarket, they have over 3M customers on a weekly basis.

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Countdown Mailer 8 - 14 Aug 2022

You can collect free wiltshire cutlery with estamps. With your purchases at Countdown stores, you will get those eStamps. Earn Bonus eStamps when you purchase any participating products in a $20 shop. Countdown Mailer 8 - 14 Aug 2022 shows all these and similar deals. The hot hot specials is a major part of the new catalogue. Find meat, whole chicken, apples, and more fresh products on pg 5. There are great deals on snacks, too. Cheezels, KitKat, Wattie's Fries, and more are available in the Read More...


Countdown Mailer 1 - 7 Aug 2022

Collect wiltshire cutlery earning eStamps for your $20 purchase at Countdown stores. The new catalogue promotes the top deals of the week. Buy products like weet-bix, avocados, food storage items on the front page. Save with great price sale. If you are a regular customer at this store, you probably shop basics like rice or tomato sauce regularly. Beef mince, long grain rice, tomato sauce, diced tomatoes are participating items of the great price sale. And more items are also available. Count Read More...

Countdown Mailer New Deals 18 - 24 May 2020

Countdown Mailer New DealsSnacks are on sale at Countdown supermarket this week. You can buy Moccona coffee refills, Bluebird twisties, Cheezels, Burger Rings, Sunbites grain waves, and more snacks on the first page. They are the cover-page hot specials of the new Countdown Mailer. A new pantry sale is also interesting. Most of your need to make some really impressive meals for dinner are in the mailer. Buy snacks and beverages on pg 3-4. Coca-Cola 2.25L bottles will cost only $2.90 this week. With a little bit of stock, you can really make a difference. Campbell's real stock 1L will cost only $4. Browse all Countdown Mailer new deals for 18 - 24 May today. Some of the hot specials are fridge food and frozen products. Buy Yoplait or Meadow fresh yoghurt 1kg for only $3.90. Non-food section of the mailer is also interesting. They have refreshing beverages in 6 packs. Buying bulky means you won't have to go to the supermarkets frequently.

Some of Countdown Mailer New Deals for 18 - 24 May:

Countdown Mailer Hot Specials 11 - 17 May 2020

Countdown Mailer Hot Specials 11 - 17 May 2020Shop coffee, laundry care products, Coca-Cola bottles, and more products on Countdown Mailer this week. A lot of great things are available in the mailer. Buy loose broccoli for only $1. You can make some soup, a meat meal, and pasta for dinner. The deals are already valid. In the Countdown Mailer you can find the new prices of fresh'n fruity yoghurt, kitchen meal or locals soup, McCain superflies, and more products are going to cost cheaper this week. Countdown Mailer hot specials are a mixture of products from various categories. Very interesting deals will be your options to save. Canned tuna, Robert Harris roasted ground coffee, up & go breakfast drink, and more items are included items. Browse some of Countdown Mailer Hot Specials 11 - 17 May:

Check out Countdown snack sale featuring the hot specials on Doritos and Mother Earth nuts. You can save on these products and also see more of the confectionery products. New items are also promoted in the Countdown mailer. This catalogue can be a guide for your weekly shopping. Buy Cadbury dairy milk marble block for only $3 each. Try the new flavours. Shop non-food products. Countdown has new discounts on personal care products, too. Baby care, toothpaste, pet supplies, and a L'oreal sale are waiting for you on pg 11-12. Buy L'Oreal Elvive products at the prices shown on pg 12. More of Countdown Mailer Hot Specials 11 - 17 May:

Snacks and more products:

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Countdown Mailer Hot Specials 4 - 10 May 2020

Some popular products of the grocery aisle of Countdown grocery are on sale. Also, you'll find some Mother's Day gift ideas on the Countdown Mailer today. Browse all Countdown Mailer hot specials for 4 - 10 May. All the prices are valid for a week. L&P bottles 1.5L will cost only $1 and that deal should be valid today. The fresh sale of the supermarket is also impressive. Take a look at those appetizing fresh ideas including orange and broccoli. Buy chicken breast, marinate them, pan-fry them for a nice meal with some pasta. You can also find sauces for your pasta. If you are staying at home most of the time, you might have time for cooking. Improve your skills saving on the necessary ingredients. Countdown Mailer is a good source to find good prices of all of them. Also, refreshing beverage is one of the parts of this catalogue.

Just Juice, canned fish, Cadbury chocolate blocks, and more enjoyable foods are going to be on sale for a week. Also, don't miss the new lower prices of non-food items in the supermarket. This supermarket is a subsidiary of Woolworths and its retail strategy looks similar, too. In the mid part of this mailer, you will find the prices of non-food products, supplements, cleaning supplies, pet products, etc.

Check out these Countdown Mailer hot specials 4 - 10 May: