Festival Shorts Target Catalogue 10 – 23 August 2017

Festival Shorts Target Catalogue 10 - 23 August 2017These are so called festival shorts but why not wear them as formal casual clothing. Do you remember Joey Barge? He challenged himself to learn if he can wear shorts at work. He tweets his photo in a smart short and asks if he can wear it for work if women wear skirts or dresses. Then 1 hour later, he tweets again to tell people he’s been sent home. Men want to wear shorts for work. It’s so painful to stay in those fit pants. However, he made a success, “partial win” by his words. They allowed male workers to wear 3/4 shorts for the days when it’s really hot.
A similar incident happened in France. Bus drivers wore skirts to protest the ban on wearing shorts. This year was so hot in France. Then they decided to draw attention with a funny act. You know driving gets difficult when you do it for long hours. And if the weather is against you, then it becomes a nightmare. Their motto was similar to Barge’s. “We envy women who can wear skirts and shorts at work”! Women drivers can simply wear dresses or skirts which should be really comfortable for such weather conditions. I am not sure these Target’s festival shorts can be appropriate for your work. But as it gets hotter, you will see a need for wearing a short rather than formal, boring pants.

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