Foodland Catalogue Grocery Sale 12 – 18 Jun 2019

Buy many things at half prices at Foodland stores today. The first page covers the 4 important half-price discounts. Continental cup a soup, Nestlé Milo, Nestlé cafespecialty, and Zafarelli pasta of 500g pack are half-price deals. Buy fresh fruits at Foodland. Aussie grown fruits are avocados, strawberries, mushrooms, pumpkin there. You can also find whole foods like Brussel sprouts, Pappa Nutal burgers, Nature’s Delight almond meal blanch, flakes or silvered, and more items on pg 2-3. Shop fresh meat at Foodland. Lamb, beef, BBQ sausages, deli meat are available on sale. The thing about the meat sale is that packaged meat products are the simple tasty foods. Buy Quick as wok meals are only $6.50 ea.
Visit the bakery part of the catalogue on pg 5-6. Multibuy offers are there, too. Vili’s family bakery products are available at Foodland. You can win $50.00 voucher for Café de Vili’s mile end when you buy 3 Vili’s pies. If you like snacking, Foodland Catalogue has some good offers of snacks, too. Visit pg 8-9 to see a half-price deal on Green & Black’s chocolate bars.

More low prices, breakfast foods, frozen meals, and ice cream are available on the catalogue. You can subscribe to the newsletter to see many more grocery products of the future catalogues. Check out the browsable pages of the catalogue for more information and details.

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