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Foodland Catalogue is an online catalogue that shows you the best deals in the store. Today, you can browse an extensive product range for grocery and nonfood categories. Utilize the power of weekly catalogue specials and vouchers to maximise your savings. Not only you can browse the catalogues on, but also you have your eyes on the content that can guide you to the best savings and a more convenient daily life.

Foodland Catalogue Next Week

They have a weekly schedule for publishing the Foodland catalogues. They are often released on Tuesdays. Currently, Foodland Catalogue 17 – 23 April 2024 is available. Here is the next week’s schedule and the one after that.

  • Foodland Catalogue 24 – 30 April 2024
  • Foodland Catalogue 1 – 7 May 2024

Foodland Magazine

Foodland also has seasonal magazines. You can find useful information, food and dessert ideas in those magazines for the holiday season. Check out their magazine in addition to the catalogue.

Foodland Catalogue & Online Shopping

Online shopping is an option at Foodland. If you visit you will see the shop online section where you can find all the items available online. They will show you the deals on Foodland Catalogue but you can also use that place to save directly. The items in the catalogue are often redirected to the respective page on Foodland’s website.

When you go to Foodland’s online store, you are asked for location information. Once you provide that, you can start browsing items that are available for delivery or click & collect. It is store-specific and you will get the information like phone or address for your local store. You can also find their email address, opening hours, etc.

Use the Foodland specials to save on those online-available items. Find the specials in this week’s Foodland catalogue. That’s why this page exists. The catalogues are handy because they are mostly optimised savings for the season with special or even exclusive products. 

Delivery Service and Click & Collect

Most major stores have delivery service or click & collect. But people often dislike the supermarkets’ delivery network. Therefore, services like Doordash attract attention all around the world. They are more popular than ever. Foodland products can be delivered to your door with the help of Doordash. If you check out the reviews online, you will see a lot of complaints about Foodland delivery.

Foodland Recipes

Australian supermarkets love to improve their customers’ frugal life with creative and healthy recipe ideas. You can always find one or two good ideas for what to cook for today’s dinner. More importantly, you will find the ingredients in the catalogues.

Half-Price Specials

This is one of the most frequent types of deals you will be able to find in the catalogues. Foodland Half-Price sale is often the biggest deal in a new catalogue.

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Foodland Gift Card

Shopping at Foodland is possible with this gift card. It is just like cash. Only participating stores of Foodland accept Foodland gift cards. You can load it up to $500. Be advised: it has an expiration date, too.

Foodland Locations

Foodland is an South Australian retailer and there are over 90 Foodland stores in Australia. Most cities in SA only have one location. Go to their store locator on to find a store near you. Each store might be run by a different owner. Romeo’s Retail Group and Foodland SA have a strategic partnership. They run independently owned supermarkets like IGA, Foodworks and Foodland.

Remember, the location is important when you seek deals through Foodland catalogues because deals might differ depending on location. Each store might have a different offer.

About Foodland

Foodland has been around since the 1950s in Australia. It is a product of a cooperative founded by local grocers from South Australia. The brand was officially launched in 1959. They expanded in the 60s and 70s with the power of a centralized brand while enjoying the local ownership of stores. Now they are known for their emphasis on local producers and suppliers. We think their existence is important in today’s centralist understanding of business.


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