Foodland Half-Price Specials 21 – 27 Feb 2024

Check out the new half-price specials in Foodland Catalogue. This week’s ½ prices include snacks and grocery again. Buy Oreo, Old Gold, Dairy Milk, Red Rock Deli chips, Uncle Toby’s plus products at half prices on the first page of the catalogue. There also is a $10K Giveaway at Foodland stores. Get your chance to win $10K prize by downloading the Foodland’s app and spending $30 or more. You scan the code on pg 2-3 to download the app. In the fresh produce section, apples and grapes are waiting for you. There are also meat & seafood deals. Beef Schnitzels will cost only $18.90 per kg.

Foodland Half-Price Specials 21 - 27 Feb 2024

  • ½ price Uncle Tobys Plus Cereal, Red Rock Deli chips, Cadbury Block Chocolate, Oreo Cookies
  • ½ price Tip Top English Muffins, Toblerone Pralines, Cadbury Favourites, Head & Shoulders Shampoo, and more
  • ½ price Violet Crumble
  • ½ price V8 Power Blend Juice
  • ½ price Coca-Cola varieties cans
  • ½ price Garnier, Maybelline New York
  • ½ price Colgate, Sukin, Cenovis
  • ½ price household: Omo, SARD, Harpic Fresh Power, Comfort Fabric Conditioner, Morning Fresh
  • ½ price ice cream: Maxibon, Ferrero Rocher, Chupa Chups
  • ½ price Mighty Soft Cafe Style Raisin Toast, Bulla Splits, Crunch & Yoghurt Multipacks, and more

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